Greater Burlington Destination Fee


The local hotel industry has stepped up to the plate in a major way to fund the ongoing operations of these facilities well into the future. Recognizing that any indoor sports complex of this nature often needs some type of long-term operational support, seven area hotels have voluntarily participated in the newly-established local destination fee program. This program adds a 2.65% surcharge to all hotel stays on top of normal hotel/motel taxes.

The funds, held in a trust account with the Convention & Visitors Bureau, will be utilized to support the operations of both facilities and provide a marketing fund to boost tournament participation by out-of-area sporting teams. This fee is established by a contract between the hotels and is not subject to the oversight or discretion of local city governments. Collections have already begun and will help pre-fund the start-up operational costs.

Based upon current occupancy rates, and the addition of the Hampton Inn, this program is estimated to generate between $150,000 – $175,000 annually. If additional hotels participate, the revenue will increase accordingly.

Economic Impact

Sports tourism is an enormous economic generator for the Greater Burlington Area. The local tourism industry has an annual economic impact of more than $130 million, and this regular activity boosts retail, dining, and attraction business.

These facilities are estimated to conservatively generate between 8,200 and 9,300 additional hotel stays each season. Based upon visitor spending models, the annual economic impact is conservatively estimated at $4.5 million.