Ownership, Operations & Management

ownership Operations & Management
  • Both facilities will be owned by the Greater Burlington Area Sports Facilities organization, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Iowa.
  • The local board of directors is comprised of a cross-section of business and community interests to ensure these facilities are operated like a business and for the benefit of the entire community.
  • Management of the facilities will be overseen by the local board of directors. The board will hire a sports director to organize, recruit, and host tournaments and will ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities.
  • An effort will be made to develop a balance for both local activity and tournament play.

Board Of Directors

Meet the team that will oversee the management of the facilities.

  • Dr. Michael Ash
  • Jeff Heland
  • Jill Henrich
  • Gary Hoyer
  • Jason Hutcheson
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Jim Ferneau
  • Matt Shinn
  • Scott Spear
  • Sheena Abbott